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Happy Hump Day Everyone!!!

I have been doing a lot of things lately and it hasn’t included crafting. I’ve started to workout and by doing that when I get home, I don’t feel like working on any projects. But I will get back into the hang of it.

Since making the Bra Paper Pieced block, I started looking for other paper pieced blocks. I have paper pieced in so long. This past weekend I created a new block.


So I was telling Bizzy Lady that I’m thinking about doing a Modern Paper Pieced Quilt.  So of course another Bright Shiny Object, I went on the internet and started searching for new paper pieced blocks. I found a few that I am going to make.

Look out for a colorful / Black & White Paper Pieced Modern Quilt.

I have also completed my second DAMQG Block of the Month for April.


I plan to be working on projects this weekend, more to come.

Until next time…..

Diva Dane

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betty boop beat cancer

picture from via Pinterest

We have all have been touched by Breast Cancer in some way either by knowing someone who experienced it, a friend, family member or being a survivor. Diva Dane and I are participating in a number of initiatives this year to support. The 2014 GLAAQN in October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) will have a dedicated display called Bling-A-Bra. Guild members will be taking bras and decorating them using extreme creativity and imagination. I am excited to design mine, to see others, and share with you. We have already seen a white one designed with feathers and other bling called Snow White.

As Diva Dane posted, DAMQG has a support project under way by creating blocks that will be used to create a quilt to be donated. Here is my block. You may be able to see some of the sparkle in the background fabric but it is white with pink sparkles…

pp bra block

DAMQG is also using this as a teaching opportunity for those in the group who haven’t paper pieced.

Until next time…….

Bizzy Lady

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Hexie Block of the Month

I have been working overtime at the full-time job that feeds me and pays the bills and I have not had much opportunity to craft in almost a month and I really miss it. (Side note: Being a Craft Diva will be my full-time joy one day.) I knew crafting was therapeutic but did not realize how therapeutic it actually is for me. It also brings a sense of fulfillment that I have been missing. I have had the opportunity to participate with Diva Dane in doing the Hexie block of the month ( I am really enjoying it. It is a quick project that travels well. It also gives you something to look forward to each month along with at the end of the year you will have 12 finished designs.

Here are my Hexie blocks for January, February, and March…..




Until next time….

Bizzy Lady

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My DAMQG Projects

Hey Everybody!!!!

Our guild has started a quilt along, where we are taking traditional blocks but trying to make them Modern in our own way.

20140331_204859 This is one of the blocks for the month of March.

20140405_142557  This is one of the blocks for the month of April.

DAMQG members are making bra paper pieced blocks and will make a special bra quilt for Breast Cancer.

20140406_165605  This is my Bra. I think she looks good.


Our guild is also joining in the MQS Michael Miller Challenge.  We got our fabric this week at our monthly meeting.


With this challenge, we can make what ever we want along was its quilted. We don’t have to use all the fabric we were give and we can incorporate other solid Michael Miller Fabrics.

I like these colors and now its going to be a long process to decide what quilt project I want to use these fabrics in.


Until next time…..

Diva Dane



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Buzy Bee

Happy Hump Day Everyone!!!

It starting to look like and kinda feel like Spring in Detroit!!!! I’m so happy that the warm weather is coming. I don’t want to see winter boots, coats, gloves or scarves.

I am On Call for work this week and it has been crazy because it was month-end and its always crazy. So with that being said, I usually don’t venture to far from home.

Last Summer, Bizzy Lady and I spent time with her mom and also attend the AQS event in Grand Rapids. One morning she made us Habanero Jelly. At first  I wondered how would the spicy pepper taste like in a jelly. She also made us homemade bread and got Honey Baked ham and turkey.  The trick is you have to put the jelly over cream cheese to tone down the spicy flavor of the jelly.  Bizzy Lady and I fell in love with it. Before we left I asked Bizzy Lady’s mom for the recipe and I got it.  So Bizzy Lady has been asking when I was going to make it.  Well today was the day. This was my first time making jelly. I remember when I was little helping my dad make preserves but I was a kid.

20140402_175739 This is my final product. When I was making it, the spice was taking my breath away. I told Bizzy Lady, I hope its not too spicy.

I also started working on my next Sew Along Bag for my mother. Its getting easier the second time around.


Yesterday was the first of the month and that means there is a new Hexie Block of the Month.

20140401_154606 I have to now decide what colors I’m going to put together to make this Easter Basket.

Stay tuned to see what I decide on.

Until next time.

Diva Dane



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In Diva Dane’s World

Happy Hump Day Everyone!!

I have been working on several projects as usual.

Its almost time for our next DAMQG Meeting and you know what that means, its Round Robin time. If you all remember this is what the quilt looked like when I got it.20140305_223716 I have wanted to try this block because you have to perfect partial seam sewing. 20140317_203529(1)

And the is the end result of the Round Robin.20140324_175826

I’m thinking about pulling my Round Robin and thinking of a new design to add a new block into the mix.

At our recent retreat I completed my first Tibet Prayer Flag for the GLAAQN Quilt Show this year. I will be adding a saying also on the flag with rhinestones. The Tibet Prayer Flag symbolism is they are hanging in air and when someone passes by them the prayer or blessing is blown into the universe. 20140314_232853

This past weekend Bizzy Lady and I celebrated one of our girlfriends birthday. We went to Painting with a Twist.  At this place you select a painting you want to paint and the bonus is you can drink wine while you paint.  You don’t have to know how to paint at all.  This time our friend wanted to paint Vibrant Detroit. With this painting it was a little challenging because the whole canvas had to be painted first and then we drew the shapes onto the canvas once it was dry.

This is a fun place to visit and the company has locations throughout the Detroit area and other states. Take time to visit, Painting with a Twist website (  to see if there is a location near you.

This what the canvas looked like when we got it.      20140321_184501

And this is my finished painting.   20140321_221032

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I will talk to yall next week.

Diva Dane




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Hexie Block of the Months

Hey Everyone,

I am really enjoying the Hexie Block of that Month sew along.  During the retreat I sewed the January and February hexies to black background fabric. I have decided to use black because I feel that the hexies will standout really nice.

I had a hard time deciding what stitch I was going to use when appliqued them to the background. For both blocks I have decided to use a form of blanket stitch. I might switch it up as I go along.





March – Is a work in process. This is what I have so far.


I hope yall come back to see how it looks when I have appliqued it onto my background fabric.

I can’t wait to see what April’s block is going to look like.

Have A Goodnight Everyone!!

Diva Dane


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DAMQG Retreat

As Diva Dane posted, we attended the retreat. Thanks to them DAM girls for a good time. I am not one to go to a retreat and want to just be on my own and sew. I like having dedicated time to work on my projects but I like to do others things too. Of course you have the socializing getting to know your fellow guild members but I like to participate in workshops or demos and do something I normally would not choose to do just on my own. During this retreat, I got an opportunity to play with zippers. We made a small accessory bag called Sew Together created by Sewdemented (available on Craftsy). I raided my stash, went to the store and got matching zippers. Throughout the weekend, I had a love hate relationship with this bag. For the body of this bag, I chose to improvise with a log cabin-like variation and quilting which took me most of Friday to complete. At the end of Friday, I was vowing to never again do another one of these bags. Saturday we worked on putting the bag together and it was coming along great, I was in love. Later that day after the putting in the zippers and binding the edges, I was back to I will never do another one of these bags. I finished the bag on the fence. I have some more stash fabric that I can use to create another one and I know my Mom would enjoy one so stay tuned, you just might see another bag from me.  When viewing the pictures of the bag, check out the accordion-like sides in the different fabric which is my favorite part of the bag. You can see my bag also on the Detroit Area Modern Quilt Guild March blog post.

damq bag dam retreat bag1 2014-03-23 15.49.09

I also want to show off the really cool logo we have for the Detroit Area Modern Quilt Group (DAMQG on the national Modern Quilt Guild Community)

dam guild logo


Until next time….

Bizzy Lady

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DAMQG Retreat

Happy Hump Day Everyone,

I hope everyone’s week is going good so far. Mine has been busy but that’s the story of my life.

Bizzy Lady and I attended our first DAMQG Retreat and we had so much fun. The ladies are so much fun and we all click together. I cannot wait till the next retreat.

I was able to get a lot of things completed that I had on my list. I made caramel, chocolate and toffee potato chips and they were a big hit. So these have been added to my baking list of things that I make when I am entertain friends.


Our President of the guild gave each lady a lovely gift with a different saying for each lady. This was mine and it fits me very well. 20140315_174754 Thank you Vicki!!!

We had a workshop that we could participate in and it is called the Sew Together Bag. I was very unsure in the beginning because I don’t like sewing zippers and totes. But I challenged myself to make the tote bag and it wasn’t bad all. Lori was our instructor and she taught the class very well.

20140315_174619  20140315_174710

I am going to make another tote for my mother and maybe also one for my sister. I have to pick out my fabric selections this week so that I can purchase the matching zippers and go to Joann Fabric this weekend to use the 25% off your total purchase coupon.

I completed my cowl crochet scarf that I completed. Bizzy Lady help me convert the regular scarf into a cowl.


I also started working on my new quilt. I completed the first block and I like how the color selections are coming together.  There is more to come with this quilt. 20140315_222930

As you all can see I was very busy and I still have more to come that I will save to post later. Come back to see how my new quilt is coming along.

Until next time.

Diva Dane



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Retreat Time

Hey Everyone,

Detroit, MI was dumped with 4+ inches of snow today. I was lucky enough to work from home today so I didn’t have to deal with the drive to work today. I hope this is our last big snow. I’m so ready for warm weather and sunshine.

Well I’m getting very excited, the DAMQG Retreat is two days away. I have finally decided on what projects I’m going to take, at least I think I did. I have one more day before I pack up my projects.

These are the items that was we had to make, purchase and my fabric for my zipper bag that I’m going to make.


These are all the projects that I have laid out. 20140312_200140(1) 20140312_185610

When I went shopping this weekend Joann Fabric had the Bernet Bargello yarn on clearance. So I bought 3  balls of the yarn and these is the scarf I’m working on. When I’ve used up all the yarn, I’m going to turn this into a cowl scarf.


I have been seeing videos for arm knitting and arm crochet. I got some yarn to try that out too while I’m at the retreat.

And finally, I have cut out my squares for the March Hexie Block of the Month.


Have a nice week everyone and come back to see what I worked on this weekend.

Diva Dane

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