My Day In Philadelphia

Hey Everybody,

I was able to have the day off yesterday and the Conversion Team spent the day in Philly. It was a beautiful day. While we were driving,  I was EPP-ing a few hexies.


First thing we did was visited the Liberty Bell. The line to visit that museum area was long. By the time we finshed the tour, the line was as long as the building.


A fun fact, Benjamin Franklin is buried in Philly, and his grave site is one of the most visited areas. Vistors place pennies on his tombstone.  Each year, his tomb profits approximately $3000.00 a year.  Those monies are used for the up keep of the site.

So instead of driving all around to see the different sites, we took the Big Bus Tour. It was cheaper and really nice. We saw a lot of historical buildings.  I China town there was a very pretty moasic arch that led you into that area.


The next stop was the Reading Terminal Market. In the terminal there was over 80 food vendors to choose from. Of course being my first time, I had to get a cheese steak. It was awesome. My coworker and I got two different ones and split them.  I had a Texas cheese steak (bbq, cheese, onions,  mushrooms and bacon) and she had a Classic cheese steak. It was cool because President Obama had just eaten at Carmines right a few weeks or month before we did.



We also tried the first churned ice cream from Bassetts Ice Cream Company. It has been open since 1861.


Next stop was the location that Rocky was filmed. I climbed the stairs and yes there were people around me that ran up and down those stairs.



While in the market,  we stopped at a Seafood Market.  I couldn’t believe the size and price of these shrimps.


Well this was just a snippet of my fun filled day. Hopefully I will be able to go to the fabric store tomorrow.  Its their late day and they close at 8pm.

Until then……

Diva Dane

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