Productive Weekend

Hey Everybody,

I hope y’all had a nice weekend.  It’s starting to get cold here in Michigan and I’m not liking it at all. I dont like cold weather and snow, even though I’ve been here all my life.

I was able to work on a few things this weekend.

I’ve seen this pattern for the Sunrise Baby Quilt online for some time now and I just said I’m making the top Saturday morning.  These were my color choices and I sewed the strips together in the correct order.


Once I was down with that, the instructions had me cut the pieces and then sew them together at different heights.


After all of that, I squared the quilt off and this is my completed top.


One of my sister’s friend is a recent Cancer survivor and I made this quilt for her.


I am designing a cool quilt set with various pieces.  These are 2 of the components to the quilt.



Have a nice week.

Until next time…..
Diva Dane

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