QuiltCon – We Are Here

Well after two flight delays last night, we finally made it. First, I have to speak on the weather. After coming from below zero weather to t-shirt weather during the day and sweat shirt weather at night, I may have to send for my husband and stay here until April (or maybe just move altogether).

We are having a blast. What a community. We are meeting online blog and Instagram friends. We are being approached by those that follow us. We are approaching those we follow. We are rubbing shoulders with our favorite authors, instructors, fabric designers, etc. This is day one so we are just getting started but will share our experience from workshops and lectures we take along with the bounty of treasures we find.

Many of us participated in a button swap. It is a great way to strike up conversations and build your friend list. It is also great when you go to swap a button and they recognize your name because they are a follower and vice versa you recognize their name because you follow them and that just gives you reason to stand and talk another 10 minutes.

Pins collected so far……


Until later…….

Bizzy Lady

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