Easy Tote Bag Pattern Review

Today has been a very rainy day. I like those type of days because I can sit in the house and sew.  I am loving doing these swaps so far because I can let my creative juices flow.

As I am working on my swap projects, I fell in love with this very easy tote bag free pattern that is offered on Crazy Little Projects. I will be making more of these fun bags for gifts for my family and friends.



I started by adding Fozzie Bear as an applique on the bag. I added his eyes on after the bag is completed.


wpid-20150525_094150.jpg              wpid-20150525_094211.jpg


This are pictures of my front panels and accent pieces and lining for the bag I’m designing.


I wanted to make my handle all green and not having it half lining and half main fabric.


Next you sew all panels together on all 3 sides leaving the top 12″ side open.


Next place the handle between the lining and main fabric, leaving the ends of the handles hanging on the outside. I measured an inch of the handle ends to stick out.

Sew all around the top leaving about 3″ open. Once you have sewn around, turn the lining and main fabric inside out. The next step was to give the bag a good iron. I used Wonder Clips to make sure the top edges are smooth.

To finish off the bag, I top stitched 1/8″ around to make sure it has a nice finish and to close the 3″ opening from the previous steps.

This is the finished product, what do yall think?

wpid-20150525_125109.jpg  wpid-20150525_125122.jpg


Until next time….

Diva Dane

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