Greetings from Anaconda, Montana

Hey Yall,

I’m in Montana once again. I have been here since last Monday and I  can’t wait to be home on Friday. This has been a very long and interesting trip. There isn’t much to do or eat in Anaconda, so that has been a big  challenge.


The mountains are always pretty here and the sky always looks so big and wide.




We are staying at the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort. It was Springs Break last week so kids were everywhere and it was so loud. We have animals that live on the property.  We named the Llama, Eddie. ☺


On Sunday, we went up to Philpsbury, MT. This is a Sapphire mining town. It was a lot of fun. We purchased a bag of dirt that was guaranteed to yield some Sapphires.



This is the video of the worker sifting through the dirt to clean the rocks to making searching for Sapphires easier.

I did pretty good. I have left my Sapphires at the jewelry store so that they can get heat treated so the full colors will come out. Once that process is complete,  they will send them to be and then I will decide what I want made out of them.


Well I need to get ready for work.

Until Next time…..
Diva Dane

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