Happy Sewing

Hey Everyone,

I hope you are having a blessed and full filled Sunday.  Last week I participated in 52 Quilters Experience.  It was so wonderful to be able to meet new people, spread my quilting love with others.

By doing that week, it really motivated me to get back to sewing.

I have had this panel for awhile,  so I designed a quilt layout. As most of you may know quilts have a mind of your own. Even though you design the quilt, as your sewing and constructing it, it became a different design.

I have signed up for the Crafty Gemini Bag of the Month.  The first bag for August is the Stacie Bag. I loved how it turned out and I will be making more.

I also made a Wonder Woman tote bag. 

But the main thing I  did during that week, was a portrait of Rhianna and I love how she turned out.

Well I am resting for a few today and then I will get back to sewing.
Until Next time……..

Diva Dane

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